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Top 5 Places to Visit this Summer in Dubuque, IA

What are the Top 5 Fun Spots to Visit this Summer in Dubuque, IA?

Searching for good places to visit with family this summer in Dubuque, IA? Well, we at Turpin Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Dubuque, IA, have a small list of just the right vacation spots for you. With the Covid tensions on the decrease, it is time to take your family on a vacation. Keep reading ahead to learn what according to us are the best 5 vacation spots for you to enjoy this summer.

Best 5 Fun Places to Visit with Family in Dubuque, IA

National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, Dubuque, IA

This place shares the interesting story of America’s rivers. The museum has two centers that specifically showcase life in Mississippi. The aquarium is very popular among kids. Additionally, there is a train depot, steam boilers, boatyard, and many more.

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Mines of Spain Recreation Area, Dubuque, IA

This is a 1439-acre state park along the Mississippi River. The park is known for its rich flora and fauna. You can find Burr Oak trees that are around 250 years old. The place is a habitat for rare animals such as Bobcats, Flying Squirrels, Bald Eagles, and more. This is a great place to visit with family.

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Fenelon Place Elevator, Dubuque, IA

This is touted to be the steepest and the shortest railway in the world and is popular for its scenic beauty. It is 296 ft. in length and carries passengers up to 189 ft. high. The whole experience is incredible, making it a sure-shot destination to visit with family this summer.

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Eagle Point Park, Dubuque, IA

As the name suggests, one of the main highlights of this place is the huge statue of an Eagle. The park is lively and fresh all around the year, and especially in summer. It has a spray fountain, six tennis courts, veranda rooms, a fishpond, and a music bandstand to name a few. 

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Crystal Lake Cave, Dubuque, IA

For all the sci-fi buffs, this place is a must-visit. Discovered in 1868 by miners looking for lead, this cave is a place that took about 2 million years to form. This place has a shallow underground Crystal Lake where you can find flower-like white crystals hanging from the walls of the cave. Take your family with you and mesmerize them!

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