Meet our Staff

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  • Pat Turpin
    (877) 868-3812

  • Kevin Lynch
    General Sales Manager
    (877) 868-3812

  • Michael Shird
    BDC & IT Manager
    (828) 771-6318

    Michael grew up in Asbury and now lives just outside Dubuque. He started tearing cars apart when he was five, though he was considerable older before he learned how to put them back together! He officially started in the car business when he was 19 years old detailing cars when he was in college.

    His all time favorite car would have to be a 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder.

    When not busy with his Internet customers, Michael loves spending time with his family and friends, going to concerts, traveling, and racing cars and motorcycles.

  • Steve Lyons
    Service Manager
    (888) 238-3586

    Steve grew up and continues to reside in Peosta, IA. He has been in the car business since 1999.

    When he isn't here at work taking care of all our customers' cars, Steve loves to spend time hiking and camping.

  • Larry Oyen
    Commercial Sales Manager
    (877) 868-3812

  • Justin Weidemann
    Business Manager
    (877) 868-3812

    Dubuque has always been Justin's home. He has been in the car business since 2010.

    Justin's favorite car is the 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

    When Justin is not at work he loves spending time out on the river or camping. He is also a huge sports fan...

  • Dave Przybylski
    Business Manager
    (877) 868-3812

    If you can't pronounce Dave's last name, don't feel to bad, we can't either. We simple call him Prez.

    Dave grew up in Platteville, WI and now lives in Dubuque. He has been in the car business since 2000. He has a love of older muscle cars or anything Jeep!

    Outside of work, Dave loves spending time with his three daughters, boating, cooking and has an interest in pretty much any sport...

  • Lonnie Steger
    Sales Associate
    (877) 868-3812

    Lonnie grew up in Holy Cross, IA and now lives in Dubuque. He has been in the car business since 2002. Anyone who knows cars, knows who Lonnie is.

    Lonnie has had tons of classic cars over the years; everything from Mercedes to Corvettes. Currently he has a thing for the new Dodge Challenger Hellcat! Hard to argue with 707hp!

    Outside of work, Lonnie loves spending time with his friends and family, especially his grand kids...

  • Derrick Jansen
    Sales Associate
    (877) 868-3812

  • Mike Wernimont
    Sales Associate
    (877) 868-3812

    Stop in and give a warm welcome to Mike! The newest member of Turpin's sales team...

  • Jim Hess
    Sales Associate

    Stop in and see Jim about a new or used car or truck today...

  • Adam McCarron
    Sales Associate

    Stop in and welcome Adam back to the Turpin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram family...

"...taking care of you, our customer is the most important thing we do..."