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Should I get a 2WD or 4WD truck?

RWD Trucks vs 4×4 Trucks: Which Should You Get?

We all love our trucks. But we love them for different reasons. Those reasons range from their performance specs and towing capacities to the size of the cabin and how cool it looks. One thing that doesn’t always get discussed, though, is drivetrain. For most people, this is a no-brainer. It’s obviously…

Which did you just think? RWD? 4×4? Which one is it?

Today, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of both drivetrains and help you decide if you should get a 2WD or 4WD truck.

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Why You Might Want a 2WD Truck

2020 Ram 1500

The almost all vehicles are 2WD by default. For trucks, that usually means RWD, not FWD. Since this is how most trucks come when standard equipped, the RWD configuration is always cheaper than an 4×4 variant. Usually around $1,500 to $2,000 cheaper, sometimes more. RWD systems also weigh less, meaning a truck with this drivetrain has better fuel efficiency. In the past, this also meant that RWD trucks had higher towing capacities and payload ratings, but in recent years that gap has gotten smaller. As a rule of thumb, though, most RWD still have higher payload and towing abilities than their 4×4 counterparts.

Why You Might Want a 4×4 Truck

Where you live and where you drive your truck matter. If you live anywhere where there’s lots of snow, ice, or rain, then a 4×4 system will be way better than a RWD one. Particularly in places like right here in Iowa, driving in the snow can be impossible without 4×4. Similarly, if you go off-road a lot with your truck—be that mudding, fording, on dirt trails, or in mountainous areas—then a 4×4 drivetrain will be very, very helpful.

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