Securing Vehicle Leaks Can Promote Safety

Here at Turpin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we like to keep our customers safe by raising their awareness about common vehicle borne dangers. One common issue that is often overlooked but no less hazardous is fluid leaks. While many leaks may appear to be small, left to themselves they can become dangerous.

Most vehicles contain a variety of fluids and over time these fluids can escape from their containing vessels. Some common fluids include:
  • Gasoline. While gas is necessary to make engines go, it can leak from various parts of vehicles. These include the gas tank itself, fuel lines, and even the cylinder heads. Drivers who notice leaks anywhere in the gas system should take immediate action to rectify the issue.
  • Oil. Oil leaks occur in the engine compartment. While not necessarily immediately hazardous to health, unrepaired oil leaks can cause major engine damage and even failure.
  • Coolants. Coolant is the lifeblood of the cooling system, and most often leaks develop in the radiator itself. It is important to keep coolant levels high enough to ensure that engine temperatures remain in proper operating ranges.
  • Brake fluid. Brake fluid is responsible for providing hydraulic pressure through brake lines to the pads, and thus it is very important to ensure brake fluid and system integrity.
  • Transmission fluid. The transmission fluid lubricates and cools the inner components of transmissions. By keeping transmission fluids at proper levels, drivers and vehicle owners can enhance transmission life.



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