The Difference Between All-Season Tires and Winter Tires

To stay safe during extreme winter weather, it is vital to make certain that your vehicle is prepared, and we can help at Turpin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. There are many drivers who wonder if they need winter tires if their vehicles already have all-season tires, which will depend on several factors.

All-season tires are typically equipped with vehicles when they leave the factory. These tires are designed for optimal performance all year. They are versatile and can handle slick, wet road conditions during the summer rain and light snow in the winter. All-season tires can be used all year, but there are times when winter tires are a better option.

Winter tires are designed with special rubber compounds, biting edges, and tread patterns that provide more grip and control. If you are in an area that only has light snow and ice, then all=season tires are probably suitable. If you live in an area that has icy roads on a regular basis during the winter, then winter tires are the better option.



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