MOPAR Is Still Going Strong After 80 Years

MOPAR is one of the most famous organizations in the automotive world. It's part of the Fiat Chrysler family. This organization handles the big responsibilities of parts, service and customer care. This year, MOPAR turns 80. After all those decades, they are still going strong. In fact, some would say MOPAR's doing better than ever.

The name MOPAR comes from the phrase "motor parts," and that's still job number one within the organization. Although this imprint develops some specialty vehicles, its main function is to serve existing customers. Here at Turpin Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM, we're proud of our good relationship with MOPAR.

Today, technology has helped revolutionize MOPAR's business. Drivers can connect online with MOPAR, to search for parts and even find coupons. MOPAR makes OEM parts for the Fiat Chrysler family. If you're looking for OEM MOPAR parts for your Fiat, Dodge or Chrysler in Dubuque, IA, give us a buzz today!

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