Simple Guide to Prepare for Potential Roadside Emergencies

Nothing can help you more in a roadside emergency than being prepared. Hopefully, the following guide can keep you safer if your vehicle becomes disabled.

After the police have been called, stay in your vehicle and lock the doors. Don't assume anyone pulling over has the best intentions, speak to them through an opening in the window and let them know help is on the way.

Try to make the disabled vehicle as visible as possible by putting on all the lights and blinkers, and placing road flares up the road a ways.

If the car became disabled because of a blowout, make an effort to move the car to the safety of the side of the road by riding the rim.

Wait until a patrol car is behind your vehicle before attempting to change a flat.

The team here at Turpin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram provides these helpful tips to keep our extended family safer.
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