Check Out These Ram 1500 Safety Features

The entire team at Turpin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram was excited the day the new Ram 1500 arrived on the lot. This popular light-duty pickup truck has been turning heads because of countless safety features throughout.

The Lane-Keeping System helps to keep the driver of the new Ram 1500 from getting into trouble from either being tired or distracted. If the sensors that are monitoring the position of the vehicle on the road detect drifting from the lane lines, then the steering wheel starts vibrating in increased frequencies to give the drive the time needed to take action.

Parking your vehicle was never easier thanks to the Enhanced Active Park Assist feature in the new Ram 1500. Activate the feature and watch as it scans the road for the perfect size parking space. Once found, the system prompts the driver to shift, brake, and accelerate, all the while steering the vehicle perfectly into that space.



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