The Ram 3500's Many Powertrain Options

The Ram 3500 is Ram's popular heavy-duty pickup truck, a powerhouse of torque from a supercharged engine that delivers the hauling capacity you need to finish any job. Enjoy the comforts in the cabin and smooth performance on the road while the powertrain works to respond efficiently to your demands.

Drivers can choose either a manual or automatic transmission according to their needs. Select the manual transmission if you're planning on hauling heavy loads and want to oversee the process yourself. The transmission spreads most of the torque between the lower gears where it's needed when beginning from a complete stop.

Ram's proprietary design guides the automatic transmission through the gears, optimizing the ratio between each one to better maximize power for a more efficient overall experience. Coupled with the powerful V8 engine and 31,000-pound towing capability, you'll have all the power you need for whatever job you've got in mind.



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