How to Make Your Car Look Awesome If You're a Procrastinator

You're picking up your date in 10 minutes. You knew this moment was coming; the plan was in your schedule all week. Why is it that you didn't clean your car until now?

Procrastinators like us often find ourselves in these situations, but that's why we know the best secrets to getting things done fast.

Grab a trash bag and start throwing all the litter and junk in your car into it. This is not the time to wax sentimental about whether you're going to finish that stale bag of chips eventually—just grab it and bag it.

Now hurry up and rinse your car off with a hose. Get the bulk of dirt off it. If it isn't soiled, then skip the whole "soap" and "scrubbing" thing, and spray a specialized drying agent onto a damp microfiber towel, and wipe down the car. If the towel begins to look dirty, swap it out for a fresh one, or you'll scratch the paint.

If there's still time, quickly dress the tires, clean the windshield, and wipe down the center console. There, that only took a few minutes, and your car looks like it's owned by a neat-freak.

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